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2.19.2022: Getting the hang of this nightmare and not freaking out about every little thing so i think thats progress

2.20.2022: Working on shrines and finishing the main page hehe

2.21.2022 finished my main page !!

3.12.2022 finished my maedhros shrine :)))))

who am i ?


welcome to my little corner on the internet where i have no clue what i am doing at all times ! this page is still obviously a work in progress because once again, i have no clue what i'm doing. But since you're here, lemme tell u about myself :))))

my name is teddy/zephyr (picked it out myself hehe) and i love drawing, history, and fashion subcultures. i also have a fascination with piercings and want a bunch myself. i currently have simple lobe piercings and a septum, but i really want to get my tongue pierced + vertical labret!!

current fav songs

Fruits Bats-Humbug Mountain Song

The Dodos-Horny Hippies

Hozier-Angel of Small Death and the Codeine Scene

Toriena-Break Me Down

sum stuff about me


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shrine rooms


Idia Shroud (wip)

Leon Kennedy (wip)

shit i think is cool

silent hill

the silmarillion

dc comics